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The 2019 Festival

The 2019 Authors

The 2019 festival featured authors (from left to right): Aja Gabel, Rumaan Alam, Tommy Pico, Emma Kemp, Clare Barron, Javier Zamora, Sarah Viren.


Panels from the 2019 festival included: "Choose Your Own Adventure," "Citizen-Scribes," "Writing Through Walls," and "Empty Nesters."



By tradition, the festival begins at Buffalo Street Books with a series of micro readings. Readings over the next two days took place at Ithaca's Handwerker Gallery. These gave the authors a longer chance to show off their work. 

Staged Play


Professor Claire Gleitman of Ithaca College and the IC On the Verge team performed a staged reading in The Cherry Artspace of playwright Clare Barron's Dance Nation.

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