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The 2015 Festival

The 2015 Authors

The 2015 festival featured authors were Mukoma Wa Ngugi, Jacob White, Hannah Gamble, Edan Lepucki, Bill Cheng, and Heidi Schreck.


Panels from the 2015 festival included: "My First Time: Writers Talk about their First Publication," "Writing Across the Spectrum: What Writers of Different Genres can Learn from Each Other," "Political Writing: Writing Politics" and "Biting into the Big Apple: How to Survive and Maybe Even Thrive as a Writer in New York City."



By tradition, the festival begins at Buffalo Street Books with a series of micro readings. Readings over the next two days took place at Ithaca's Handwerker Gallery. These gave the authors a longer chance to show off their work. 

Staged Play

Professor Claire Gleitman of Ithaca College and the IC On the Verge team performed a staged reading of playwright Heidi Schreck's play Grand Concourse.

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